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Krave Konfidence Educational Consulting & Tutoring Services


Business Mission

The mission of Krave Konfidence is to provide equity in education for students of color and students with varying degrees of learning disabilities, to serve students by identifying their strengths; strengthening their growth potential by affirming their unique learning styles and empowering them to become self-advocating, resourceful life-long learners.


My goal is:

To empower, educate, and engage ALL scholars: students who are typically developing and students with learning disabilities, including, but not limited to: dyslexia, emotional disturbance (adverse behaviors) and autism.

To provide quality intervention strategies and research-based techniques to optimize student achievement.

To provide equity in education by advocating for the needs and rights of ALL students covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (Special Education and 504)

To interface with families by assessing the adaptive needs of students and using their strengths to boost their weaknesses.

To disrupt discriminatory cycles and patterns for ALL students.

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